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The leader as Actor (19CIE10002)

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Katie Annice Carr Dirección de Personas y Organización ENG



Previous Knowledge


Workload distribution

Daily reflection on concepts and practice seen in class (2 hours)
Reading articles or preparing mini-cases (5 hours)
Group work between classes (20 hours)
Final assessment (5 hours)


Sooner or later after graduation, you will be expected to lead, whether you have a team of 20 or a sole trainee you will need to communicate in specific ways to get the best results. Through using theatre techniques you will practice and develop leadership communication skills including presence, self-confidence, empathy, creativity and assertiveness. All of this will help you become an excellent, inspirational leader.

Course Learning Objectives

A great leader knows when and how to communicate with their team and others in all kinds of situations. Each of us find some leadership styles more challenging than others, by viewing the leader as actor and developing these areas using theatre techniques, we aim to cultivate and practice a wider range of leadership styles, while developing essential elements such as self-knowledge, empathy, self-confidence and presence. You can also expect a substantial improvement in your interpersonal communication and presentation skills. You do not need any prior experience in theatre and students from all masters will find this course useful for their future careers.

Assessment criteria

25% Final Practical Activity
25% In-class group reflections of final Practical Activity
10% Class participation
20% Daily Personal Reflections
20% Leadership values statement and plan


"Presence - Bringing you Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges" Amy Cuddy 2016
"Leadership Presence - Dramatic Techniques to Reach out Motivate and Inspire" Belle Linda Halpern and Kathy Lubar 2004
"Communicate to Inspire - A Guide for Leaders" Kevin Murray 2014
(Note that these books are not required reading but intended to supplement the course).

Timetable and sections

Group Teacher Department
Katie Annice Carr Dirección de Personas y Organización