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Finance for Marketing and Sales Managers (19CIE25841)

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Lydia Ros Frizón Economía, Finanzas y Contabilidad ENG

Previous Knowledge

Basic financial knowledge: Understanding the financial reports and Capital Budgeting


A company must not be a sum of different departments fighting for resources. The goal for all of them must be the sustainability and improvement of the company in the long run and this is only possible if investors trust on our future.

Finance is the language of investors and the language of business. Only if we all can talk in the same language will it be possible to work together to accomplish that goal.

Course Learning Objectives

To review the basic language in finance that allows us to connect the different departments inside a company: Income St., Balance, Cash management, Marketing budget, ROCE, WACC and Enterprise Value among others.

To understand the most relevant metrics that help to make a relationship between marketing investments and the value of the company and to be aware of relevant KPI and value drivers.

To analyze the long run effects of marketing decisions over the enterprise value that will help any CMO to convince CFO and CEOs for the investment needed.

To understand the relationship between customer value and enterprise value.

Assessment criteria

Individual Exam 30%
Individual Participation 25%
Group presentations: 45%

Your final grade will be based on both individual and group work and it is evident that just a good group work wouldn't be enough.

Class contribution is much more than simply showing up and fighting for airtime. The focus will always be on the quality of your involvement in class as opposed to the quantity. Contributing implies moving the debate forward to boost the learning experience of everyone in the room, myself included. While good comments are rewarded, insightful comments are rewarded more. Therefore, if you do only one thing to prepare, read the assigned materials and come to class on time and ready to voice your recommendations. I often cold call, so please do not put the class in a position where you are unable to help.

Generally speaking, if you read the assigned materials, actively take part in pertinent discussions, listen to others with respect and communicate your arguments convincingly you will not have any problem.


There is no compulsory textbook for this course. If you are interested in buying a general reference financial book, I recommend Brealey and Myers (2013) or Ross, Westerfield and Jordan (2012). If you are interested in marketing metrics I recommend Farris, Bendle, Pfeifer and Reibstein (2015).

Timetable and sections

Group Teacher Department
Lydia Ros Frizón Economía, Finanzas y Contabilidad