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Managing Entrepreneurial Growth (19CIE85145)

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S semester

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Mª Jose de la Maza Peiro Dirección General y Estrategia ENG


There are no prerequisites for this subject.

Previous Knowledge

General knowledge on entrepreneurship and strategy is useful as start point of this subject, but not necessary to carry it out.
This is not a entrepreneurship course, but most of the cases come from sucessfull start up's facing growth challenge.

Workload distribution

We organize the subject along 8 different challenges that every growth organization has to reach. For any of this days we will have a guest / case to better understand the issue. By groups you wor individually will prepared the material and we will discuss in class the best outcomes.


The way of management and growth strategy is quite different depending on the state of the company, one Start Up, a large corporation and a young company in an accelerated phase, needs different day by day approaches and in many cases distinct organizations
This course will give to the participants a global vision of how to scale a company, from a relatively young company to become a consolidated company in the market, we will understand different business models depending on the stage and industry of the company.

Course Learning Objectives

Why do entrepreneurs who succeed in starting a business often falter when they try to expand?

The course focuses exclusively on the needs, challenges and opportunities of growing businesses. We will study the typical problems and opportunities facing these organizations.

We will evaluate how we can, with limited resources, create and execute strategies to move faster, operate more efficiently, and expand the business into new markets. We will know among other things the management systems that must be put in place to support the growth of an organization with these challenges.

Through case study, discussions and guest manager visits, we will share stories of success and failure.

It is an eminently practical course designed for people interested in working in start up's, growing family companies or consulting.


1. The myth of growth

2. The vision of the customer

3. Culture of the company and Company business model

4. Incorporation of talent

5. Finance and Partners

6. Organization Resources and Systems

7. The role of the manager and his transformation

8. The future vision of your company. Options to grow

Relation between Activities and Contents

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Guests Speakers                
Cases: Individual company analysis                
News and Forums                
Real companies analysis                
Attendance and participation                


EEach class will include discussion of a Real company analysis and Guest Speaker or Cases . Students will learn with a clear action orientation, looking for options and decisions.
We will join 4 o 5 Guest Speaker, then will be complemented by the presence of a guest manager / founder who will share with us one or more of the growth challenges in your organization and how they excelled.



Description %
Cases: Individual company analysis 30
News and Forums 15
Real companies analysis 40
Attendance and participation 15

Assessment criteria

The learning experience in a course like this depends to a large extent on each student being prepared to actively participate in each class. We all have experiences that will enrich the topic and address the discussion in the course.
The preparation and presentation of a reading / case idividualy or by group will be measured, active participation in all exercises and discussions in class and a summary at the end of the individual subject with the main learning of each student of the sessions.

Timetable and sections

Group Teacher Department
Mª Jose de la Maza Peiro Dirección General y Estrategia