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Introduction to Marketing (MIP20000)

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Ed: 1 Lluís Ferran Blanch Colino Marketing ENG

Group Teacher Department Language
Ed: 2 Lluís Ferran Blanch Colino Marketing ENG


Course to introduce students into marketing.

Previous Knowledge

Specially designed for those that don't have a clear marketing knowledge.


Establish the basic knowledge of marketing to be able to follow the marketing subjects.

Course Learning Objectives

1 .- Marketing as a key of a business decision process, from strategy to action
2 .- Internalize the demand approach or vision as a key market in the field of marketing
3 .- Refine the key concepts of marketing from a practical application in an unknown environment for participants, covering a wide set of industries.


1. To come back the concept of marketing and how the market driven approach works in reality.

- Part 1: 9h00 ¿ 10h30: Marketing, what is marketing? & Marketing Process.

- Part 2: 11h00 ¿ 13h00 : Marketing and business opportunities detection. Case

- Part 3: 14h00 ¿ 15h30 : Marketing Competitive & Growth Strategies.

- Part 4: 16h00 ¿ 18h00 : Case

2. To discuss the strategic marketing decisions in real conditions, linked with business opportunities detection and how to seize them by creating the value proposal and the right perceptions.

- Part 1: 9h00 ¿ 10h30: Segmentation variables in mature markets.
- Part 2: 11h00 ¿ 13h00 : Case.
- Part 3: 14h00 ¿ 15h30 : Positioning: a new approach to the positioning concept, universes and territories, from market basket to blended brands.
- Part 4: 16:00 ¿ 18:00: Branding. The customer centric organization. How to adapt to new times by putting the customer at the core. Case

3. To work on marketing as something you do, covering the operating decisions and its alignment with the strategic marketing decisions.

Part 1: 9h00 ¿ 10h30: 1.- Product & Price, first tangibility of our strategy.
Part 2: 11h00 ¿ 13h00 : Case. Distribution: when price alignment and price promotions in a category provokes a strategical rethinking.
Part 3: 14h00 ¿ 15h30 : Communication: how to create the right perceptions and a relevant message.
Part 4: 16h00 ¿ 18h00 : Final Assignment.

Relation between Activities and Contents

1 2 3
Cases & Assignments      
Final Assignment      


Case studies and assignments.



Description %
Participation 20
Cases & Assignments 50
Final Assignment 30

Assessment criteria

50% Group Report Assignment (group grade)

20% Class Participation (individual grade)

30% Final Exam (individual grade)


Packet of cases and readings (available through Moodle).

Optional Reference Textbooks:
As this course is not about absorbing the facts or generic theories, there is no standard "textbook for this course. For those who are interested in the issues presented in a structured manner, any of the following books may be used for reference purposes:

Kotler, P. and Keller, K., Marketing Management, 12th edition, Prentice hall Publishing.
The ESADE library has this textbook.

Timetable and sections

Group Teacher Department
Ed: 1 Lluís Ferran Blanch Colino Marketing

Timetable Ed: 1

Group Teacher Department
Ed: 2 Lluís Ferran Blanch Colino Marketing

Timetable Ed: 2