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Master Project: In Company Project (18CBA85311)

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Ignasi Alguero Redonnet Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences ENG
Rita Rueff Negrao Mendonça Lopes Esade ENG

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Ed: 1 Ignasi Alguero Redonnet Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences ENG



Previous Knowledge

Courses related to Project Management and Problem Solving.

Workload distribution

Magister classes are focused on introducing the information, procedures and key topics student will apply selectively depending on each project. Thus, only a brief explanation will be covered. It is expected the student will go deeper through the extensive material on the web.
The project will take approximately 420 hours to complete, including the time spent on the project and in writing it up.


An In-Company Project is a students' work oriented to solve a real problem in an organization. It is developed through a professional practice in a company led by one of its executives and with the academic supervision and direction of a tutor assigned by ESADE. The In Company Project course will provide the student with the criteria, tools and techniques to do it properly.

Course Learning Objectives

- Intellectual Skills: Project management is extremely challenging because it requires the application of a wide range of intellectual skills. Throughout the internship, participants have to analyse and assess complex problems, make decisions and come up with action plans and realistic projects. All of the foregoing requirements mean that students not only have to read and study what others have done in the past but also develop their own thought processes to find creative, innovative ways of making their project a success.
- Technical Skills: Throughout the course, participants will have the opportunity to analyse and practice tools and techniques for helping them reach the project's objectives within the agreed time and budget. Certain activities are common to all projects (such as those covering project definition, planning, time & budget management).
- Soft Skills. Project success is achieved only if interpersonal relationships are taken into account and accorded the right importance and priority. Negotiation, communication and presentation skills are of crucial importance in managing projects. They particularly come into play in identifying customer needs and to assess and manage stakeholders.


1. Preparing and managing the project

Main structure and contents every project must consider. From project definition, structuring and plan till different management models, and control tools.

2. Applying Tools & Techniques

Review of tools and techniques useful when working with diverse business situation: analytical tools, problem solving, change management, making decisions, etc.

3. Understanding different Business situations

An approach to understand different business domains, diverse situations and the way to work in such organizations.

4. Improving Soft Skills

Summary of Communication, Presentation and Negotiation skills and its application to the In Company Project.


Class discussions, oral presentations, written documents, tutoring sessions, practical exercises, papers and experiential learning.

Assessment criteria

Evaluation activities

The evaluation of the In-company Project Complete Work will be based on the criteria of rigor, relevance, communication skills, knowledge integration, and knowledge application.

Assessment criteria
The course Master Project: In-Company Project aims to help students with their tasks related to the final project. It is not a mandatory course but commitment is necessary to ensure continuity, consistency quality and participation. Students must attend to the first class in order to understand how this course can help them and get the minimum information about the project and procedures. If they decide to assist to the rest of the course then, attendance and participation will be demanded. Students will be asked to perform some assignments and readings. Nevertheless the whole assessment will be based on the final complete work.

In Company Project Complete Work (100%)
- Content: 50%
- Commitment, Personal Contribution: 25%
- Presentation, Executive Summary, Questions & Answers: 25%


Readings and other materials of relevance are to be provided prior to the commencement of each session.

Timetable and sections

Group Teacher Department
Ignasi Alguero Redonnet Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences
Rita Rueff Negrao Mendonça Lopes Esade


From 2018/11/26 to 2018/11/30:
Monday and Friday from 12:00 to 14:00.

Wednesday 2019/2/13 from 12:30 to 13:30.

Thursday 2019/10/31 from 8:00 to 8:1.

Group Teacher Department
Ed: 1 Ignasi Alguero Redonnet Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences

Timetable Ed: 1

Monday 2019/7/15 from 8:00 to 8:1.