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Master Project: Master Thesis (18CBA95300)

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Ed: 1 Ricard Serlavós Serra Dirección de Personas y Organización ENG


The Master Project is a key component of the MSc Programmes in Management and is the last academic requirement that the participants in the different MSc Programmes in Management in Esade have to fulfill before they are conferred their degree.

The Master Project can take three possible formats:
- A MSc Thesis, aimed at demonstrating the participant's research abilities
- A Business Plan, aimed to foster an entrepreneurial spirit
- An In-Company Business project, aimed to put theory into practice

The present guidelines are focused on the first track: the MSc Thesis.

Course Learning Objectives

One strategic objective in writing your Master thesis is to demonstrate that you can analyze
a research question using rigorous evidence and method.

The learning objective is to foster your ability to base managerial decision based on
rigorous evidence and reasoning that avoid common decision making pitfalls.


1. A Master Thesis is a major research paper aimed at demonstrating the participant¿s research abilities. Participants choose the subject of their thesis and develop an original and individual work, formulating research questions and applying research theories and methodologies to provide a contribution to Management Science. This contribution can be a new perspective on an existing theory, the application of a theory in a real case or the solving of a research question through fieldwork.

The MSc thesis can have three different formats:
¿ Theoretical: based on an extended literature review and an original synthesis or a new perspective on a topic
¿ Empirical: based on original fieldwork conducted by participants using qualitative/quantitative methodologies
¿ Research Case Study: based on studying in depth a certain theme or issue in a single organization (or small number of organizations)


A tutor appointed by Esade will supervise your MSc thesis. The main objective of the tutor will be to provide you with the necessary guidance and feedback to ensure that you produce the best possible quality paper. In particular your tutor will be a member of the Board of Examiners that will grade your final paper, and he will also give you feedback and grade your Research Proposal, and your first draft.



Description %
Research proposal 5
First Draft 20
Final Version 50
Oral defense 25

Assessment criteria

The final grade of the MSc Thesis will be the combined result of the final outcome (oral presentation and Final Version of MSc thesis) and the process leading to it (Research Proposal and First Draft of MSc thesis) according to the following percentages:

Process (25%)
Research Proposal 5%
First Draft 20%

Final Outcome (75%)
Oral Presentation 25%
Final Version of MSc thesis 50 %


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- Boyle, R.A. & Ingham J. (2007). Suggestions on How to Conduct Empirical Research. Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing. Vol. 15, Nº3, p.176-179
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Group Teacher Department
Ricard Serlavós Serra Dirección de Personas y Organización


From 2018/11/26 to 2018/11/30:
Monday and Friday from 12:00 to 14:00.

Monday 2019/2/11 from 12:30 to 13:30.

Thursday 2019/10/31 from 8:00 to 8:1.

Group Teacher Department
Ed: 1 Ricard Serlavós Serra Dirección de Personas y Organización

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Monday 2019/7/15 from 8:00 to 8:1.