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Essentials of Graphic Design (CK11020)

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Ed: 1 Edwin Haverkamp Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences ENG

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Ed: 2 Edwin Haverkamp Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences ENG


This course will introduce you to Graphic Design.
Starting with general design theory and training in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
With these new insights and tools you will sketch and design your own specific logo.

By the end of this course you will understand the basics of typography and colour theory, be familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, which will help you in the field of marketing and setting up your own business (presentations, posters, banners).

The starting point of this course is your brand (real or fictional) which will be graphically developed into a logo.
This can be a basic idea for a brand, including the name of the brand, the type of business, the target audience, etc. If the students don't have a brand at the beginning of the course, they can come to class with a fictional (but realistic) brand/company. It is also possible to rebrand your own brand or your family's brand/company, but this has to be discussed in advance.

Before class you will have to fill in the logo design checklist.
This checklist will be your guide throughout the process.

Logo design checklist

Describe your company, think about:
- What is the name of your company?
- What is the primary product of the company?
- What makes your product/company stand out? What is the unique selling point?
- What are the demographics of your customers?
- Who is your competition?
- Any important additional info?

Graphic design questions:
What kind of mood do you want to communicate?
- Playfulness?
- Healthy?
- Serious?
- Ultraprofessional?
Do you envision something technical or more organic?
Any colours you have in mind?

Logo usage:
Is the logo for the company or a specific product?
How will you use your logo? Where will it be seen mostly?
- Business cards?
- Television?
- On the side of a truck?
- All of the above?

Previous Knowledge

This course is meant for beginners so no previous knowledge about Adobe software is needed.
Some basic understanding of iWorks Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint for the final delivery.

Workload distribution

Every class will start with theory and after the theory we will put that theory to practice. During
the practical part the students will work on their assignments while they are being assisted.
Because the assignments and software is new to all students, most of the seminar is practical.
The seminar is not only about understanding the theory, but mainly about applying it.
Although the students will have time during the lessons to work on the assignments, if they
don't finish them they will have to work on it on their own time. Any further work that students
do on their own project will be checked during the lessons as well.


Provide an introduction to graphic design for marketeers and start ups.

Course Learning Objectives

Learning objectives:
- Understand how to build the visual aspect of your own brand: typography, colours, etc.
- Learn how to create a logo and apply it to presentations, posters, business cards, etc.
- Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
- By participating in this seminar you will have the tools to visually present your business ideas in a better way.


1. Educational planning

Class 01:
- Introduction to Graphic Design
- Illustrator Basics Course
- First assignment in Illustrator

Class 02:
- Logo Design Process
- Second assignment in Illustrator
- Photoshop Training

Class 03:
- File Formats and Resolution
- Logo Design Challenge video
- Photoshop Training - How to place your logo in a picture
- Illustrator tips and tricks
- Work on your logo + time for questions and feedback per student
- Homework

Class 04:
- Working Efficiently in Illustrator video
- Illustrator tips
- Work on your logo + time for questions and feedback per student

Class 05:
- How to deliver files correctly and what is required in your final presentation
- Final feedback on logo


Every session will begin with a theoretical introduction, followed by an explanation about the software they need to use.
After this, the students will put the theory in to practice on their own brands with the help of the teacher.
It's a very hands on approach because they need to deliver a logo, so students need to master software and slowly shape their logo.

Assessment criteria

At the end of the course the students will have to prepare a presentation using the programs they have worked with.
The presentation will be about the brand they have built during the classes.
This final assessment will take into account: their presence in class, how they dealt with feedback, how well they have mastered the programs, the design process (all designchoices have to be explained),
the design of the presentation, as well as the end result of the brand and the logo.


Basic Bibliography:

Additional Bibliography or Materials:
Students should have access to the programs we will work with during the course: Adobe
Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and iWorks Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint for the final delivery

Timetable and sections

Group Teacher Department
Ed: 1 Edwin Haverkamp Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences

Timetable Ed: 1

From 2019/1/14 to 2019/1/18:
From Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 13:00.

Group Teacher Department
Ed: 2 Edwin Haverkamp Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences

Timetable Ed: 2

From 2019/1/14 to 2019/1/18:
From Monday to Friday from 14:30 to 18:00.