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Leading toward sustainable futures (19CBA05320)

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Maja Tampe Ciencias Sociales ENG


None other than curiosity and willingness to engage.


Leading Toward Sustainable Futures tackles the critical issue of leading change in global business sustainability and innovation. We often find that we have the technologies needed for business sustainability. Instead, what is missing is the imagination and courage to initiate and sustain the changes needed. Therefore this course combines a student-led project experience, focused on a sustainability initiative, with social movement and change technologies and with practices that develop personal and collective leadership skills.

Course Learning Objectives

The premise of this course is that sustainable futures require new ways of thinking and of organizing. Therefore the key learning objectives are:
1) To inquire into and reflect on taken-for-granted mental models
2) To imagine and start building towards a sustainable future
3) To build and practice leadership capabilities and to enroll others into change

Assessment criteria

Course participation: 40%
Individual assignments: 40%
Project: 20%

Participation: Engaging in the class and with the readings is one of the most effective ways to learn. Therefore your active participation in the discussion in class is integral to the design of this course.
Individual assignments: Two individual assignments will allow you to articulate your experiences, reflections, and what you are learning. We are looking for personal observations about your own engagement with the course materials and activities.
Project: You will design a short project where you can practice how to understand and intervene in a system, individually or as a team, and to develop the capacity to help lead change in that system. This project can (but does not have to) build on prior work you have done or prior interests. We will support you in developing this project.

Timetable and sections

Group Teacher Department
Maja Tampe Ciencias Sociales