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Business in the Era of Artificial Intelligence & Cloud (19CBA11017)

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Sec: A Esteve Almirall Mezquita Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences ENG

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Sec: B Esteve Almirall Mezquita Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences ENG


Course Learning Objectives

AI & Cloud Computing expanded our frontier of possibilities and by doing that transformed our society and our organizations both internally and externally.

In this intensive course we will take a look at this transformation and how it affected the way organizations structure, compete and organize internally.

We will through these transformations reflecting on five areas:

1. Business in the Era of AI & Big Data. How AI & Big Data are changing industries and what is next.
2. Innovation & Design Sprint. We will take a look at innovation and why innovation is the driver of these new business. We will also learn a methodology to bring innovation to teams & projects: Design Sprint.
3. Platform revolution. How platforms are changing whole industries and why growth and not profit is the key factor.
4. The Agile revolution. How Agile changed forever the way projects and software are managed, what are its limits and how organizations structure around it.
5. Infrastructure as Code. How Cloud computing changed Venture Capital, Startups, made Data Centers obsolete and brought companies to a new level of competition.


1. Business in the Era of A.I. & Big Data

This module will be a in depth exploration on the Analytical & AI Transformation that our companies are suffering. We will cover three aspects:
1) Understanding an innovation wave. How it is generated, powered and when it stops.
2) Multiple cases from many industries showing how change is produced.
3) The different kinds of Analytical Transformation.

2. Digital Innovation

This module will cover Innovation and in particular Digital Innovation. What is different in Digital Innovation? Is it really exponential? Is it always disruptive?

3. Platform Revolution

This module will be devoted to platforms, understanding how they work and grow.
We will deal extensively with network effects and models for attrition putting marketing interventions in this perspective.

4. The Agile Revolution

Software Engineering has been transformed in the last decades. On one side the Agile revolution transformed how custom software is conceived, designed and developed. On the other the Analytics and AI revolution changed completely the profession. Finally platforms and agile created devops that is evolving in a very fast pace.

5. Cloud Revolution

Cloud Computing is powering the Digital, Analytical and AI revolution that we are witnessing. Like a silent revolution, cloud is transforming everything. We will introduce cloud and its impact in business.


This course is a mix of presentations and flipped learning, leading to a challenge per theme done in groups.

Therefore, expect videos, whitepapers, articles and a group projects.

Assessment criteria

Attedance and participation 10%
Two group Assignments 30% each
One personal assignment 30%

Timetable and sections

Group Teacher Department
Sec: A Esteve Almirall Mezquita Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences

Timetable Sec: A

Group Teacher Department
Sec: B Esteve Almirall Mezquita Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences

Timetable Sec: B