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Strategic Key Account Management (19CBA20880)

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S semester

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Teaching Staff:

Group Teacher Department Language
Victor Noguer Castellví Marketing ENG

Workload distribution

Personal review of class material: 10h
2 Harvard Business School Business Cases (team projects): 30h
Exercises and other Mini-cases: 20h
Readings: 5h
Preparation for the Final Exam: 10h


In highly competitive business environments, such as the current one, customers represent the most important asset for companies, and differentiation by product / service or price is becoming less sustainable over time.

In these environments, the differential factor with our competitors is increasingly based on the relationships we are able to build with our customers, and the value we are able to provide through these relationships.

Managers in charge of companies or business units should be aware that the success or the failure of an organization relies primarily in its ability to build and preserve relationships with their customers, subsequently in its ability to later grow with and within their customers. This applies to, multinational corporations, as well as for SMEs and "start-up" projects.

Throughout this module, we will delve into this field providing the keys to successfully developing a model of integrated management of relations with our clients and combining a conceptual approach that integrates models based on Strategic Key Account Management. The approach will be dynamic, participatory and focused on understanding the models and their practical application in businesses and organizations of all kinds.

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Course Learning Objectives

Throughout the sessions we will analyze the critical success factors necessary to develop a Strategic Program of Key Account Management, as well as the necessary skills and a proven methodology which will be applicable in the context of the companies in which we work, and in the participant's own management development.

- To provide the necessary knowledge and tools to implement market management models based on "Strategic Account Management".
- To generate a dynamic learning space and a space for open discussion with the participants, to deepen in the strategic management of clients.
- To internalize and gain a strategic concept of business management (both at corporate level and at the management / staff level).
- To generate a context of conceptual reflection with direct and practical implications on the strategic management of key clients.


1. Starting point: When does the relationship with a client start? Lead Generation Process in B2B (B2B Sales Process).

2. The Selection of Strategic Accounts in B2B: Analysis of customer portfolio. Defining the Selection Criteria. Selection methodology for strategic customers.

3. The Creation of Value for strategic customers as an objective: formulating and delivering value. The great leap: from "Qualified Supplier" to "Partnership".

4. Objectives and Philosophy "KAM". Critical Success Factors in Strategic Account Management. Organizational culture in Key Account Management.

5. Strategic planning for clients: Key Account Plan & Customer Strategic Plan. Position and strategy analysis. Strategic models applicable in Key Account Management.

6. Organizational Structure: Development of the KAM. Organizational approaches in Key Account Management. The Key Account Manager: Profiles, roles and responsibilities.

7. Building and managing relationships with our strategic customers. Development of relational skills. Stages in the management of relationships. Relational models with our Key Accounts. Strategic Account Contact Plan and links with key profiles.

8. Information systems: A system of communication with customers and media within the organization. Monitoring of markets and technologies.

9. Review of best practices in strategic management of clients in major business sectors: automotive, food / consumer goods, business services, consulting, pharmaceuticals, ICT, marketing and advertising, etc.


- Conceptual Approach by slides presented during the sessions.
- Continued implementation of illustrative examples from the tutor team as incentive to the
contributions of participating managers.
- Mini-cases working groups.
- Business Case Project & Discussion: ENSR International (HBS).
- Panel discussion with guest speaker.
- Provision of lectures and articles of interest.
- Open Blog in the learning Space.



Description %
Active Class participation 30
Business Cases and Mini Cases 40
Final Test 30

Assessment criteria

The course is assessed through three parameters:

- Active Class participation: 20%
- Business Cases and Mini Cases: 30% (Business Case and active participation in sessions)
- Final Test: 50%

The Final Test will be online. It will focus on general conceptual aspects of the subject. It will be necessary to pass this test in order to pass the course, although its weight in the final evaluation is 30%.


Malcolm McDonald, Diana Woodburn, 2007, Key Account Management, The Definitive Guide, Butterworth- Heinemann (second Edition)
Peter Cheverton, 2008, Key Account Management, Koran Page (4th Edition)
Kevin Wilson, Nick Speare, Sam Reese, 2012, Successful Global Account Management, Miller Heiman

Timetable and sections

Group Teacher Department
Victor Noguer Castellví Marketing