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Competing with Business Intelligence & Analytics (19CBA85555)

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Lluís Soldevila Vilasís Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences ENG


Nowadays, managers need a fast, deep and accurate insight to make good decisions, anticipating risks while moving forward and creating new competitive advantages, based on huge amounts of information without violating laws and regulations. The current economic climate also claims for efficiency in processes and force manager to squeeze available resources, such as information.

For all that, Business Intelligence has became a key discipline in Information Management Systems, where the alignment among technology, data and people is required to bring the right information at the right time in the right format to allow decision makers achieve their best performance. As teams must do more with less and as competitive environments get riskier, BI enables the visibility and proactivity required to fully address challenges.
In this course students will acquire the complete BI competence set: BI impact in business, the basics of technology to understand BI potential, how to build lean and solid solutions, how to capture and transform data into knowledge, how to develop successful BI initiatives, and key technologies and trends to help driving the VI journey into their organizations

Course Learning Objectives

To provide attendees with the knowledge and skills to identify opportunities to generate competitive advantages through Strategic Management of Information.


1. Framework for Business Intelligence (Key note speaker: IBM)

2. Profesional Social Networks (Key note speaker: Execus - LinkedIN)

3. Data driven innovation (Key note speaker: IdeaFoster)

4. High intensive Information businesses (Key note speaker: La Caixa)

5. How to implement successfully a BI project (Key note speaker: MicroStrategy)

6. Entrepreneurship (Key note speaker: Flyshionista)

7. Getting started (Key note speaker: ClickView)

8. BI and CRM (Key note speaker: Oracle)

9. Market Players and trends for Business Intelligence (Key note speaker: Penteo)

10. The latest on BI: Social and Big Data


We will combine lectures with case studies and key speakers from top companies to provide real ¿life examples.
This is not a technology curse. This is not a theoretical course. This is about how to compete using information as a key resource.



Description %
Final exam 30
Group work 40
. Participation 30

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Group Teacher Department
Lluís Soldevila Vilasís Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences