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Business in Society: International Projects in Action (19CI05307)

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Sec: A Marc Vilanova Pichot Ciencias Sociales ENG

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Sec: B Marc Vilanova Pichot Ciencias Sociales ENG


This course is meant to teach students how to manage complex projects in practice. Since each project will be different, there can be no formal description, although all projects will have some things in common:

1) they require extensive dedication by all team members
2) each team will work directly with an organization to solve a specific challenge

Course Learning Objectives

The final project is the mid-project presentation of the International Project in Action. Since each project is different, and you should work to serve your "clients?; we will have no specific requirements. Also, we will follow your work and progress throughout the project by looking at your Google OneDrive project folders. Having said that, at least at the end of term 1 (by december 27 at 12PM) you should turn in two deliverables: (1) a power point presentation; and (2) a report putting in writing what you explain in the presentation. There are no requirements in terms of number of slides, pagees, or format. The goal is to serve your clients, so the approach is not academic, but professional. We want to see evidence of professional work as if you were paid consultants.

Assessment criteria

100% of the grade will be based on your project presentation and report which will be delivered in december. However, we will take into account the feedback from "the client" and the work done during the term. Also, the grades will be adjusted based on the peer evaluations for each team

Timetable and sections

Group Teacher Department
Sec: A Marc Vilanova Pichot Ciencias Sociales

Timetable Sec: A

Group Teacher Department
Sec: B Marc Vilanova Pichot Ciencias Sociales

Timetable Sec: B