C&I: Creativity (2225.YR.001727.1)

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Year 1 Nanita Ferrone Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences ENG

Workload distribution

Lectures: 30%
Participatory sessions / teamwork: 70%

Course Learning Objectives

The complexity and uncertainty of the world of business requires the ability to combine analytical approaches with creative ones. The challenges are more often unstable, unpredictable, and complex. To be competitive in this environment, we need to be able to combine analytical and creative approaches.

Creativity is an essential building block for innovation. The main objective of this course is to help you develop creative thinking skills, as well as your ability to move from conceptual thinking to taking action. To do this, we will follow the Design Thinking approach and related methodology to tackle an innovation challenge.

1. Inspire you to develop your creative skills alongside analytical ones.
2. Provide an understand the links between creativity and innovation.
3. Develop practical creativity-related skills and provide an understanding of a process and methodology that supports creative problem solving.


The course is based on the idea of hands-on, experiential learning. In other words, learning about the discussed topics through a participatory an active manner, by applying the newly learnt to a specific, real challenge.

The course is like a studio, where you work on the challenge of your team on a weekly basis, receiving lectures on practical methods that can soon be put into practice. The methodological approach is designed to foster active learning and the implementation of the knowledge shared during lectures.

The Design Thinking methodology discussed during the course will be applied to work on the challenge you and your team choose, and exercises done during class time and outside the class session support learning the methodology.

Assessment criteria

Assignments during the course: 50%
Final presentation: 20%
Participation in class: 15%
Personal reflection: 15%
Optional peer evaluation


Design Thinking by Tim Brown, 2008
Design Thinking Comes of Age by Jon Kolko 2015
Creativity is not Enough by Theodore Levitt, 2002 version (published originally 1963)

Timetable and sections

Group Teacher Department
Year 1 Nanita Ferrone Operaciones, Innovación y Data Sciences

Timetable Year 1

From 2022/11/10 to 2022/12/1:
From Wednesday to Thursday from 14:00 to 17:30. (Except: 2022/11/16, 2022/11/24 and 2022/11/30)

Tuesday 2022/12/13 from 9:30 to 13:00.