In-Company Project - Master's Project (2225.YR.005007.1)

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Year 1 Manuel Marquez Dorsch Dirección General y Estrategia ENG


At ESADE we are committed to giving students the tools they need to succeed in the future of business and challenge them to apply their knowledge to real cases in teams to maximize their learning experience. At the Full-Time MBA, the end of the core program is marked by the Final Master project (FMP), which is tailored to meet the legal requirements for an Official Masters Degree in Spain, while engaging students to demonstrate their ability to work in teams on a practical real-life business case.

The FMP is a consultancy study, delivered by ESADE full-time MBA students to selected participating companies.
Over two weeks, both of which are full-time, teams work on the challenges while receiving academic coaching from faculty specializing in challenge-related fields.

The goal of the Final Master project is for students to work in teams to apply their learnings from the Core part of the MBA program (at the end of year 1) to solve a practical real-life challenge provided by participating companies. We will use hypothesis-based consulting as an approach to help focus the project's analytical efforts and provide a tool for client collaboration throughout the project.

In order to maximize student engagement and learning, ESADE rigorously vets the challenges offered by companies. The request for participating companies is issued over a broad industry spectrum, to cover potential trend impacts in different areas, exposing students to real-life specific business issues in one of many areas such as strategy, marketing, innovation, operations, organizational behavior or finance.

Course Learning Objectives

The course helps you in developing the following competences:

1 Know how to apply previous acquired knowledge in practice (Core courses of the FT MBA)

2 Understand and apply the Hypothesis-Based Consulting (HBC) approach:
- Learn when and how to use HBC as an approach to help focus a project's analytical efforts and provide a tool for client collaboration throughout the project
- Understand the benefits and limitations of HBC versus other approaches
- Apply the HBC theory to one of the real-life challenges provided by the participating companies
- Ability to generate well-structured hypotheses to focus the team's data collection and analysis efforts
3 Ability to communicate clearly and argue for decisions made in a consulting project, in a logical and structured way

By the end of the course, teams should be able to conduct an in depth analysis of a client challenge using the HBC approach, and put into practice all relevant learnings from the core courses of the FT MBA to provide clear recommendations that meet the clients specific needs. Students are expected to undertake detailed research and analysis to explain their views on the specific client goals, detail the supporting rationale used to develop possible solutions, present a comparative analysis of their proposed course of action and summarize their recommendations.

Different teams will be working in parallel for the same projects to have better accountability of team efforts and seek variety in how to tackle a given problem. Our collective objective is to solve, in the best possible way, the client challenge, and present the best findings to them.


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Group Teacher Department
Year 1 Manuel Marquez Dorsch Dirección General y Estrategia

Timetable Year 1

Monday 2023/4/24 from 18:00 to 19:00.

From 2023/5/29 to 2023/6/9:
From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. (Except: 2023/6/5)