International Management & Leadership (2225.YR.013157.1)

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Year 1 Pedro Parada Balderrama Dirección General y Estrategia ENG

Contribución de la asignatura al programa

This course aims to introduce students to key concepts in strategic corporate governance, and use these concepts to understand the different economic, social and political contexts across advanced industrial and emerging economies.
This course should enable students to describe key aspects of corporate governance systems in a number of different countries and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of these systems in comparison. Students should gain greater appreciation for the importance of social and political factors in shaping different models of firm organization across countries, and critically understand how new governance practices and institutional norms develop in response to changes in the real world of business management.

Objetivos de aprendizaje de la asignatura

- Discover that corporate governance is strategy
- Identify how decisions are made in organizations
- Distinguish the interests that different types of owners have
- Unpack how boards work all over the world
- Recognize the costs of good corporate governance and its benefits for long term firm survival
- Manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders (i.e., auditors, rating agencies, proxy companies, etc.)
- Think about how you can become a (better) board member
- Understand the political relationships in the organization
- Know the latest debates and trends in corporate governance

Criterios de evaluación

25% Class participation/Case Discussions

50% Team Presentations/Videos - selected topics on international corporate governance

25% Final Report


Background Reading:

OECD 2019 Corporate Governance Factbook
ISS 2020 Global Policy Survey
Corporate Governance Should Combine the Best of Private Equity and Family Firms, HBR
Tapping the Strategic Potential of Boards, McKinsey Quarterly
The Mindsets and Practices of Excellent CEOs, McKinsey
Going for Gold: Global Board Culture and Director Behavior Survey, Harvard Law Forum
Larry Fink 2019 Letter to CEOs, Purpose and Profit
The New CEO Activist, HBR, 2018
Consejos con Palos en las Ruedas
Mujerers en Consejos, ESADE Media
Culture Clash in the Boardroom, HBR
Sustainability in the Boardroom, HBR
Corporate Governance 2.0, HBR
PCW 2019 Annual Survey on Boards
Spencer Stuart Global Board of Directors Survey

Horarios y secciones

Grupo Profesor Departamento
Year 1 Pedro Parada Balderrama Dirección General y Estrategia

Horario Year 1

Del 3/3/2023 al 15/3/2023:
Lunes y viernes de 9:30 a 13:00. (Excepto: 10/3/2023)
Cada miércoles de 13:30 a 17:00. (Excepto: 8/3/2023)

Martes 21/3/2023 de 14:00 a 17:30.